Reading list – 1/18/2015 – Architecture



  • Patterns of Enterprise Architecture – Martin Fowler

    If one more person asks me why I’m reading something old for this work, I may throw my copy at them.  This is to larger scale construction what the Gang of Four was for tactical OO development patterns.  There’s a reason many of the DDD books refer back to it for the language and structures.

One thought on “Reading list – 1/18/2015 – Architecture

  1. Maybe I’m up to late to follow it, but I don’t see how you could truly go vertical like they did in the Scaling..Vertical article. Surely the Orders vertical is going to deal with Products. Does the Orders development team just write their own microservices for Products, or do they reuse the MSs from the Products team? The former sounds like it’s asking for problems, and the latter doesn’t sound very vertical.


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